Why Demand Fuel?

You have a story to tell; one that highlights how your products or services help save money, drive efficiency, fix problems, or improve lives. We will make sure your stories get in front of prospects when they are ready to hear them – which is when they search online.

For 14 years, we’ve delivered top-notch digital advertising that generates leads.  In fact, our typical clients spend anywhere from $25-$75k every month.  Many spend $250k each month. Why?  Because it works and we provide the numbers to justify their investment.

We’ve executed thousands of paid search campaigns for clients in several industries, including technology, medical, financial and legal services, home and garden, and more.  If you want to secure more leads and have more sales as a result, we can help you.

Our technology and expertise provides deep insights into what led to a specific sale.  What was the keyword ad associated? What landing page was used?  We take the mystery out of what works and doesn’t work. We refine our strategies and your investment to focus on what is benefiting your campaigns.

Our Technology

When you work with Demand Fuel, you get a dedicated team of three experts who work tirelessly to make sure your campaigns are profitable. Our certified experts leverage not only their industry knowledge, but also make daily use of our company’s proprietary software, designed by our engineering team.

Our team has spent more than 20,000 hours developing this software so that we can offer our clients the best of both worlds: smart people who understand your business and goals, plus robust technology to increase efficiency and provide rich data-driven insights which will help quickly optimize your investments.

Our expert analysts will use advanced paid search techniques along with our software to bring you the most qualified leads possible at an agreed upon target cost per lead.

Some of the software we use includes:

Talk - Tracking helps discover where phone sale came from


Tracking to help discover if a phone sale was created or influenced by phone number in a paid search ad.

Gate - GA script enhancements for more reliable tracking


Multiple Google Analytics script enhancements for more reliable tracking.

Bits - Allows us to track offline interactions & close loop


Allows us to track offline interactions, such as phone or catalog sales and easily get that information into Google Analytics.

Dash - Helps analysts react to real-time changes in campaigns


Interface provided to your dedicated experts so they can monitor and react to real-time changes in your spend levels and campaign results.

Who We Are

Demand Fuel helps companies just like yours by driving more qualified leads into your sales funnel through exceptional search engine marketing. It’s what we do.

Demand Fuel is an organization that grew out of the success of ROI Revolution – the experts in ecommerce digital marketing. To better serve this market, ROI Revolution created Demand Fuel to expand its efforts and cater to those organizations using paid search and social media to generate leads.

Our business philosophy is to add “fuel” to whatever is driving results in our own business and that’s what we’ve done with Demand Fuel.

why you should choose Demand Fuel

Our Mission

Be the best in the world at managing measurable, ROI-driven online advertising for our clients looking to generate more leads for their business.

Core Values

  • Provide Fanatical Service
  • Be Completely Transparent
  • Hire the Best
  • Test and Optimize Constantly
  • Work Smarter