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In only 20 minutes, the Demand Fuel team can perform an expert, diagnostic checkup of your paid search or social media accounts to uncover misallocated ad spend or significant opportunities that you can leverage.

If you’re interested to see if there are opportunities to improve your paid digital marketing efforts, take advantage of our free 20-minute consultation.

Someone with login access and in a supervisory position over your company’s AdWords account spending at least $10,000 per month must be on the call.

Once you fill out the information, one of our experts will review your campaigns to see if there are opportunities for improvement. If we believe there are areas to enhance campaign performance, our experts will leave you with actionable advice tailored to your specific campaign and company.

Here’s what you can expect in your free, 20-minute campaign review:

Step 1: Schedule

Once we receive your request, expect a call from one of our Digital Marketing Consultants within one business day. We’ll coordinate the best time for your campaign review, and then send a calendar invite with the GoToMeeting details.

Step 2: Attend the Virtual Meeting

We’ll get right down to business. Here are some questions we’ll try to answer during your consultation:

  • Are your campaigns bleeding money through misdirected ad spend?
  • What 5-minute changes can be made to immediately increase your marketing ROI?
  • Where are you limiting potential profitable growth in your campaigns?
  • How many of your products are being ignored by your marketing efforts?

Step 3: Start Making Profitable Changes

Our reviews are designed to give you actionable advice for your unique account that you can start applying right away to cut spend and increase profits!


Schedule Your 20-Minute Campaign Review Today!