3 ROI-Generating Reasons To Schedule Your Adwords Appointment

3 ROI-Generating Reasons To Schedule Your Adwords AppointmentThere’s no doubt-if you want to realize the best return on your marketing investment, then using Google Adwords is the best move you can make. Seriously, consulting with Adwords account managers will prove that using this ad network leaves little-to-no downside.

Ross Kaplan-Winn of PaidInsights listed 11 reasons why you should be using Adwords to promote your business. I loved his article so much, I decided to adapt his article for this blog and include three of my favorite reasons why you need to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Adwords account managers:


1. Adwords will generate a return on your investment!

In the past, all companies had to rely on for their advertising and promotion needs were print and broadcast platforms. Untold sums of money was spent (and still is spent) on these marketing platforms, but here’s the sickening thing about it all:

There’s no way to measure how successful these advertising campaigns become.

In other words, there’s no way to truly predict or market your return on investment (ROI) when you advertise on print and broadcast mediums. All you can do is make predictions based upon past data, data that’s usually not tailored to your unique marketing needs.

All of the ambiguity disappears when you invest in Google Adwords. Right from the start, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re going to invest because you’ll work with an account manager who will drill down to find out how much money you should be spending.

Even better, your account manager is going to drill down to find the best keywords your account should bid. The goal is to get your ad to generate highly-targeted and desirable leads. What’s more, the leads will be attracted to your ad because they’re specifically looking for your business entity to solve their problems, or provide for their needs.

After all, over 3.5 billion daily searches on Google pretty much guarantees that with the right keyword strategy, the numbers are in your favor for your ad to be found and clicked on.


2. You can create geo-targeted ads.

Sometimes a national campaign is in order. But sometimes, you just want to reach out to prospective leads within your region. This is true (for example) if you’re trying to attract new leads for a regional promotion, say, if your company is in the financial industry.

There’s no sense spending money on keywords that are designed to attract leads outside your targeted region. Adwords is extremely flexible in allowing marketers to drill down to the zip code level, if need be.

You will you get your ad in front of leads who are certain to take advantage of your local promotion. You can also use geo-targeting to attract prospects within a certain income level within a zip code.

3. You’ll see results, quickly.

When marketers pay for print ads, they’re usually forced to do so months in advance of the publication’s print date. It also takes 3-6 months after print for marketers to be able to start measuring ROI.

While advertising on broadcast platforms is quicker, there’s still no immediate way to start measuring engagement, click-through rates, and ROI. Hands down, Adwords will answer your questions and light-years faster, by comparison.

Once it’s live, your ad will become visible once it’s triggered by the right keyword search. And remember that I’ve mentioned that billions of keyword searches take place on Google, daily? That means that your ad is going to show up a great deal. You could possibly start realizing ad engagement within 24 hours of your campaign going live!

Are you ready to implement a no-brainer solution to your digital marketing needs? One that’s sure to generate the type of ROI that you’re aiming for? Then it’s time for you to set an appointment with one of our account managers, today.

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Terri is a content marketing storyteller and strategist. She produces marketing and entrepreneurship stories that generate higher revenue (and brand awareness) for her client partners. Her specialty is creating narrative. She studied journalism, and she produces essays and memoirs in her spare time.

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